About Development

The music industry has changed.  There are fewer major players remaining, and those labels who've managed to stick around have become exceedingly conservative in their artist acquisition. Today, industry increasingly expects an artist to have highly developed songs, image, and a significant following before they will consider bringing that artist onto their roster.  To some this appears as yet another roadblock between the music they create and the success they hope for.

We however see this change in industry behavior as an opportunity.  Today, more than ever before, an artist can truly affect their likelihood of commercial success on multiple levels.  From independent releases, social media, and blogging, to independently booked tours and collaborations. Today, in our opinion, is a very exciting time to be a musician!


Bridge Road Entertainment combines our incredible team, world-class facilities, and top independent publicity and legal professionals, to work collaboratively with our artists to determine goals, identify strengths, and increase overall marketability.

The result… highly developed songs, image, and following!

About Our Studios

Our studio, White Lake Music & Post, houses four studios, a video production suite, conference room featuring Radvision Video Conferencing, and offices for our staff. Our Studio one features world-class instruments and a tremendous combination of new technology and vintage signal path. When schedule permits, our studios are available to independent artists on an hourly or block basis.

Contact 1-866-887-2834 X 100 or email.

For more information on our studio, please visit http://www.whitelakemusic.com/